odd winmail.dat issue Report: MailScanner: Message attempted to kill MailScanner

Jules Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 11 08:35:17 GMT 2010

Please can you zip up the df and qf files from 1 of these messages and 
send it to me off-list?
Then I can take a look and see what's going on here.


On 11/02/2010 07:38, Lyndon Labuschagne wrote:
> I am getting quite a few of these, but they all seem to be really 
> small winmail.dat files i.e. 930B in this case
> if I take the file and manually run tnef winmail.dat nothing is 
> extracted, I assume this is the problem,
> in this case they all seem to be Read receipts, would outlook / 
> exchange encupsulate an empty message in a tnef format?
> is there a way of getting mailscanner to ignore this?
> The problem started when I set the tnef extractor to the internal 
> mailscanner version, when I used /usr/bin/tnef the winmail.dat files 
> where never extracted and placed in the mail content,
> Subject: Read: 4500693953 PGrp:R09 Vn:0000101070ATS2000 (Pty)
> Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 09:13:14 +0200
> Message-ID: <029701caaae9$b79de280$26d9a780$@co.za 
> <mailto:029701caaae9$b79de280$26d9a780$@co.za>>
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type: application/ms-tnef;
> name="winmail.dat"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-Disposition: attachment;
> filename="winmail.dat"
> X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0
> thread-index: AcqqmUsXZguERlwJSYaop7UqxFsPBQAUF90y
> X-MS-TNEF-Correlator: 00000000A9FDD6B3290A5F4A81389A969BFC009424CF7900
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