MS spamassassin timeouts

Jason Ede J.Ede at
Thu Feb 4 15:41:02 GMT 2010

I'm getting quite a few Spamassassin has timed out and was killed in my maillog...

When I look at the message that was casuing the problem and try running it through spamassassin manually with

Spamassassin -D -p /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs -t <messagefile

Then it completes ok and gives the message a score. It only takes a few seconds to run so well below any SA timeouts that I've set in MailScanner.  If I try running it through MailScanner with the -debug -debug-sa -id=messageID then it seems to go through  up until the following point where it hangs...

15:35:00 [32217] dbg: learn: auto-learn? ham=0.1, spam=12, body-points=-3.999, head-points=-3.999, learned-points=-5
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: learn: auto-learn? yes, ham (-3.999 < 0.1)
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: learn: initializing learner
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: learn: learning ham
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: eval: all '*From' addrs: bounce.25900379 at gorkanaalerts at
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: eval: all '*To' addrs: XXX at
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: bayes: database connection established
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: bayes: found bayes db version 3
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: bayes: Using userid: 2
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: bayes: c4841420914b788941701d213ff2b0d78571a6da at sa_generated already learnt correctly, not learning twice
15:35:00 [32217] dbg: learn: initializing learner

Any suggestions about what to check next?

Centos 5.4 with MS 4.78.17 & SA 3.2.5
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