Customer SpamAssassin interface

Christopher Fisk cfisk at
Thu Feb 4 13:51:37 GMT 2010

>  Philip Parsons wrote:
>  > Hey everyone, so I have a Mailscanner front end that
>  passes the mail
>  > to an exchange server on the back end and I can sort of
>  remember
>  > quite a while back of someone saying something about a
>  SpamAssassin
>  > interface which would allow people to add to whitelists
>  and black
>  > lists etc etc etc any suggestions would be great.    

>  You may be thinking of Mailwatch for MailScanner:

webmin has a mailscanner plugin.

You can also write up a very quick database application that talks to mysql on the database server.

I wrote a mysql database & script to store the white and black lists in mysql.  Give them access to that and you're all set.

Here is my work I did on storing the black and whitelists in mysql:

Christopher Fisk

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