100% CPU load. Perl module problem?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 08:55:26 GMT 2010

I'm out with some kind of cold/flu, so not as ... on-toe as usual, sorry.
Having said that, you need do some serious diging, to get a grip on what is
going on... Listen to Steves excellent suggestions!
Easy things you can do is disable different things (sa, sophos...) and see
if it makes any difference.

-- Glenn

Den 29 dec 2010 09.35, "Torsten Bunde" <tb at sim.uni-hannover.de> skrev:

Hi Glenn,

On 28.12.2010 20:08, Glenn Steen wrote:
> So when does it go into spin? What does ps/top show the c...
if I'm using things like ps, top or htop that only shows up things like

       MailScanner: starting childen

Nothing more.

> What does the logs say?
The logfile doesn't tell anything useful

Dec 29 09:04:50 zeus MailScanner[7694]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
version 4.81.4 starting...
Dec 29 09:04:50 zeus MailScanner[7694]: Reading configuration file
Dec 29 09:04:50 zeus MailScanner[7694]: Reading configuration file
Dec 29 09:04:50 zeus MailScanner[7694]: Read 867 hostnames from the
phishing whitelist
Dec 29 09:04:50 zeus MailScanner[7694]: Read 4162 hostnames from the
phishing blacklists

And this for every child process.

> Have you run the analyse thing for the sa cache? Is
> it ok? What about the processing db?
The sa cache seems to be ok but I found a hint, that there is a problem
with perl and the actual installed and used Spamassassin-Version. I'll
habe a look at that. Maybe this is the problem ...

I'll test your other suggestions after that if it is still necessary.

> What av do you run?
I'm using (or better: I have to use) Sophos AntiVirus:

server:~ # sweep --version
SWEEP virus detection utility
Copyright (c) 1989-2010 Sophos Group. All rights reserved.

System time 09:30:03, System date 29 December 2010

Product version           : 4.60.0
Engine version            : 3.14.1
Virus data version        : 4.60
User interface version    : 2.07.293
Platform                  : Linux/Intel
Released                  : 06 December 2010
Total viruses (with IDEs) : 2166503
server:~ #

- Torsten
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