100% CPU load. Perl module problem?

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 12:49:40 GMT 2010

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Den 28 dec 2010 12.25, "Torsten Bunde" <tb at sim.uni-hannover.de> skrev:

Hello @all,

I seem to have a problem with the actual version 4.81.4-1 of MailScanner.

After updating my installed Perl modules and compiling MailScanner both
CPUs in one of my servers run with 100% load, the RAM is used to 100% by
MailScanner as well as the Swap partition. I tried to go back to version
4.79 of MailScanner: Same problem. No chance to kill the processes,
server has to be rebooted.

My question: Does anyone else has such problems? I'm using SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server 9 (64 bit) with Perl 5.8.3 and the following version
of the necessary Perl modules:

- Archive::Zip v1.30
- Compress::Zlib v1.41
- Convert::BinHex v1.119
- Convert::TNEF v0.17
- File::Spec (PathTools v3.33)
- File::Temp v0.22
- HTML::Parser v3.68
- HTML::Tagset v3.20
- IO::Stringy v2.110
- MailTools v2.04
- MIME::Base64 v3.13
- MIME::Tools v5.428
- Net::CIDR v0.14
- Sys::Syslog v0.27

Any hints or ideas? At the moment I'm not able to use MailScanner.

- Torsten
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