OT [sort of]: Dropping To address before mailscanner

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Fri Dec 17 16:36:05 GMT 2010

Mike Tremaine wrote:
> I think I'm doing something wrong and thought someone else might know.
> I have Sendmail/Mailscanner stack that is having to handle huge bubbles of traffic from bounce backs. I had the client create a dontnotreply address then set up an alias to /dev/null in sendmail.
> The trouble I'm having is that it seems like the mail is still having to traverse the stack rather then just getting sent to /dev/null
> So.... How others handling discards before mailscanner at the MTA level?

If you do not want replies or handle the bounces its BCP to use an empty 
envelope sender.
Save all parties a lot of noise.

Anything else is a waste of cycles, bandwidth and makes zero sense.

Of course, if you're sending mail to rcpts and its bouncing back, you 
shouldn't be sending it in the first place..

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