Mailscanner attach scan problem (Ante Gulam)

Ante Gulam ante.gulam at
Fri Dec 10 08:09:15 GMT 2010

Does anyone know of any good Linux, free AV to recomend to replace ClamAV?

I would like to try some other av to check how will it go with MailScanner.


By now again all seems working well. Still permission error in mail.log.
UNKNOWN CLAMD RETURN ./lstat() failed.. Because I've commented back those
lines in MailScanner.conf. But it seems that Clam scans mails on income..
And when it founds something then that specific mail stays in
/var/spool/postfix/hold. Other mails pass through.. SpamAssassing working
great btw..  It stops maybe over 90% of all firm incoming spam.. 


Tnx. Regards


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