Quarantine dirs not being created

Adam Gross agross at gcpsite.com
Sat Aug 21 06:33:41 IST 2010

On a daily basis I have to create /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/ dirs matching the date, then spam/nonspam folders under there…  assign permissions postfix:www-data and then everything is hunky dorey.  This system is about 10 days old and ran with no issues for the first 8.  Yesterday and now again today I’ve had to create the folders.  I verified the run-as user and group for MailScanner and quarantine as postfix for the user and www-data for the group.  This is a Ubuntu 10.04 box…  I remember some weird stuff with Ubuntu 8 but haven’t been able to locate any information about 10.  Thanks in advance!


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