4.81.3 released

Jules Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Aug 15 14:15:00 IST 2010

I have just released a new beta, 4.81.3.

The only notable change from the previous beta is the addition of a new 
token keyword available in the paths for "Archive Mail", "Spam Actions", 
"High-Scoring Spam Actions" and "Non-Spam Actions".
The new keyword is "_HOUR_" which is the number of the hour in which 
MailScanner received the message, padded with a leading zero if 
necessary to make it 2 digits.

This is to work around a problem caused by limitations in the ext3 and 
ext4 filesystems on busy MailScanner servers, where you are quarantining 
or archiving messages and you have more than 32,000 messages (or 64,000 
on ext4) archived in any one day. By storing separate hours in different 
directories, you raise the maximum limit of archived/quarantined 
messages from 32,000 to 768,000 messages per day (or 1.5 million 
messages per day on ext4). If you still need more than that, then you 
will need to write a Custom Function that uses extra information to 
increase the number of directories in which a day's messages are stored.

Download as usual from www.mailscanner.info.

This will become a stable release in a few days unless anyone reports 
any problems, which I will fix immediately.


Julian Field MEng CITP CEng
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