Redirecting after spam/virus scan

Thom Jones tjones at
Fri Aug 13 15:30:18 IST 2010

On Friday 13 August 2010 06:16:32 am Julian Field wrote:
> > In MailScanner.conf, I have a ruleset specified for:
> > Non Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/nospam.action.rules
> >
> > And in the nospam.action.rules file, I have a entries similar to:
> > To:     me at              forward me at header "X-Spam-Status:
> > No" To:     default                       deliver
> >
> > I would think this should function to redirect email to me and simply
> > deliver as normal to everyone else.  But, instead, it seems to take any
> > email to me and /dev/null it
> > Any ideas or direction?
> Not sure why it would do that. Have you tried with other addresses in
> place of "me at"?
> You might also want to add a "not-deliver" onto the long line in that
> ruleset too, or else it will still try to deliver to me at as well.
> Your "To: default deliver" line should be "FromOrTo: default deliver" as
> well.

Thanks, Jules - now things seem to be better so maybe it was the FromOrTo 
syntax (or I had something punctuated badly!).  
I am getting delivery still to both the original and the forwarded addresses - 
should 'not-deliver' actually be  'delete'  in the ruleset?

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