Redirecting after spam/virus scan

Thom Jones tjones at
Thu Aug 12 20:31:22 IST 2010

Running MailScanner with sendmail on a CentOS 4 box.  I currently have an 
alias file set up with sendmail that works great in redirecting email either 
to external recipients or as an email group (webmaster goes to multiple people 
for example).
The problem with this setup, obviously, is that all mail gets redirected, spam 
and all.
I've been trying to find a way to use a ruleset to do this.  And I am 
99.99995% sure that it can be done via that method - I just can't wrap my head 
around it enough to figure it out. Nor could I find a good clue in the mailing 
list archives. 

In MailScanner.conf, I have a ruleset specified for: 
Non Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/nospam.action.rules

And in the nospam.action.rules file, I have a entries similar to:
To:     me at              forward me at header "X-Spam-Status: No"
To:     default                       deliver

I would think this should function to redirect email to me and simply deliver 
as normal to everyone else.  But, instead, it seems to take any email to me 
and /dev/null it 
Any ideas or direction?  

Thanks for any input!!


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