Quarantine problem: Ext3 directory limit to 32000 files

Alex Neuman alex at rtpty.com
Mon Aug 9 14:52:07 IST 2010

You could run "find" with options to delete the oldest files, or you could run "ls" to list the files by date and only keep the newest 30000 or so. 

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On 09/08/2010 13:04, Paulo Roncon wrote:
> Hello, 
> Yesterday I got a problem with my mailscanner server. The messages stopped being processed and the mailscanner would crash attempting to process the messages.
> Some troubleshooting later and: The problem was with the file per directory limit = 32000 of the ext3.
> I'm going to upgrade to ext4.
> Any ideias? Change the quarantine function to create directories per hour also?
>  Paulo

How about be really radical and delete some of the old quarantine messages?

They are almost certainly not wanted by end users otherwise you would be
spending your entire day releasing messages from quarantine?


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