New beta release 4.81.2

Kevin Kobb kkobb at
Wed Aug 4 15:33:43 IST 2010

On 8/4/2010 10:08 AM, Jules Field wrote:
> On 04/08/2010 13:42, Kevin Kobb wrote:
>> On 8/3/2010 2:13 PM, jaearick at wrote:
>>> Julian,
>>> Just rolled out 4.81.2-2 onto my Solaris box, after the
>>> issues. The previous complaint from 4.80.10 with perl 5.12.1 of:
>>>> Using a hash as a reference is deprecated at
>>>> /opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner line 592.
>>> is now gone, thank you. I notice that a lot of the perl pm's in
>>> perl-tar haven't been updated, per my previous "bleeding edge"
>>> email. I installed with "--nomodules" to keep my newer pms in place.
>>> Jeff Earickson
>>> Colby College
>> Curious.
>> I just tried to upgrade the FreeBSD port on my test server and get the
>> same message you were getting.
>> mailscanner -v
>> Using a hash as a reference is deprecated at
>> /usr/local/sbin/mailscanner line 592.
> I don't do the FreeBSD port, so they may not have upgraded their port to
> the -2 code yet.
> Jules

Hi Jules,

Yes, I was trying to upgrade the port so when the next stable version 
comes out, I could file a PR and get it committed.

What I fetched was:
MailScanner-install-4.81.2-2.tar.gz with MD5 of 

Is this not the most recent?

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