New beta release 4.81.2

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Aug 3 11:33:56 IST 2010

I have just released a new beta, with the intention of it becoming a 
stable release Real Soon Now(tm).
Since 4.79, quite a few things have happened:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Upgraded AVG support to AVG version 8. Support no longer guaranteed 
for older versions.
2 Installers no longer over-write in SpamAssassin 
directory if the file or link exists.
3 Added support for McAfee version 6. Use the virus scanner name 
"mcafee6" to get this support. Many thanks to Phil Randal and Michael 
Miller for all their hard work on this.
4 Improved "file" command output processing so it stops at 1st "," to 
reduce false alarms greatly.
5 Added facility for over-riding MailScanner.conf settings and rulesets 
with those held in an SQL database.
   New settings are:
   DB DSN, DB Username, DB Password, SQL Serial Number, SQL Quick Peek, 
SQL Config, SQL Ruleset, SQL SpamAssassin Config, SQL Debug.
   See the MailScanner.conf file for more details.
5 Added dependency "Sys::SigAction" Perl modules to installers.
6 Updated to Archive::Zip 1.30 and added Compress::Raw::Zlib dependency.
1 Slight improvement to check_mailscanner script to send some output to 
/dev/null for Greg Kuhnert.
2 "Scan Messages = virus" will *only* scan mail for viruses and nothing 
else at all. This makes simple setups where you only want virus scanning 
a whole lot easier to set up.

* Fixes *
1 A minor rewrite of a bit of the TNEF code to handle some systems' odd 
opinions about tainting data.
1 Minor tweak to avoid warning about insecure dependency in
2 Fixed documentation for "Allow Multiple HTML Signatures" setting.
3 Fixed "MailScanner --lint" to not throw an erroneous error message 
about "MSlint" directory permissions.
3 Fixed error in MIME boundary checking that stopped a few very rare 
cases being checked.
5 Fixed issue where zip files in messages were unpacked with incorrect 
5-2 Fixed bug introduced in 5-1.
7 Fixed ruleset-from-function bug introduced in 5-1.
9 Fixed bug where %variables% would not work in ruleset files.
10 Fixed bug on Linux systems where Postfix systems would change the 
ownership of the queue and work directories every time MailScanner was 
1 Deny File MIME Types was ignored if new filetype rules used MIME checks.
2 Slightly improvement to phishing trap to handle links with " in them.
2 Worked around nasty behaviour of Perl's "each()". Thanks Timofey!

All available from as usual.

I would be very grateful if you could test this release and prove it's 
okay. In a few days I will release a stable version, if I get enough 
response that it is indeed all working okay.

Thanks folks!


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