Filetype/Filename Rules: strip attachment AND forward original mail to third address

Markus Wennrich mwen at
Mon Apr 26 12:50:35 IST 2010


# Syntax is allow/deny/deny+delete/email-addresses, then regular expression,
#           then log text, then user report text.
# The "email-addresses" can be a space or comma-separated list of email
# addresses. If the rule hits, the message will be sent to these address(es)
# instead of the original recipients.

Is it possible, to deny a attachment (and have the mail sent to the
original recipient without the attachment) AND have the original mail
(with the attachment included) forwarded to another email-address?

For example:
  1) mail to user at with "fun.exe" attached comes in
  2) mail is sent to user at, but "fun.exe" has been replaced by
  3) a copy of the original mail with fun.exe included is forwarded to
security-admins at

"clean" mails should not be forwarded

Is something like this possible?

Thanks in advance,


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