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Mon Apr 26 01:13:24 IST 2010


Has anyone had any issues with this configuration?

I have installed MailScanner on many servers, personal, my employers,
and private clients over the years, must be totalling into hundreds
having used it since 2002, even on virtual stuff like xen and vmware,
but I've never had the displeasure of doing one under an openvz
container,  that said, this is my first hands on with openvz (no, I
don't control of the vps server hardware but I have faith in the company
that does as they have been doing this for a couple years, so I trust
the container and master host are properly setup).

I know even an old pro like myself can make a mistake, so I duplicated
the setup on a spare dev box, and it works fine, but on that vps, not a
hope in hell...

There are no errors in any lint/debug for MS or SA, forcing a
confiscated rootkit, gets found by clamav and dealt with correctly, so
I'm ruling out anti virus as well.

Using base config of 5 children, It repeatedly restarts, it will process
mail in the process though, there are again, no indications as to why it
is restarting continuously.

So I dropped the kids to "2" and it starts, all good as it should.

26227 ?        Ss     0:00 MailScanner: master waiting for children,
26232 ?        S      0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages
28345 ?        S      0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages

Except.. (yep there's always an "except")...
Often, a child grabs the batch, then, the other kid grabs it, processing
it twice, resulting in the recipient getting two copies of the message.
and.. then, if it restarts itself as per the restart timeout value, they
end up like this, trying to start a child, even though it already has
restarted itself and both of its kids (and we don't ever see 26227
return to master state.)
16328 ?        S      0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages
18049 ?        S      0:02 MailScanner: waiting for messages
26227 ?        Ss     0:00 MailScanner: starting child

This is a centos 5.4 system.  MailScanner was installed from source not
an ancient rpm or whatever.

CPU:     8 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5450  @ 3.00GHz at 123MHz
Memory:  512 MB
Machine: x86_64
Release: Linux 2.6.18-028stab068.3

So, has anyone run into any problems like this with openvz?

(thanks to Julian if he approves this post)
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