Recommended hardware spec 20000 users

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Thu Apr 22 23:59:04 IST 2010

running modern hardware you shouldn't have any problem - it's more a matter
of memory and tuning. We'd normally recommend 4GB (the more the better) as
SA is quite heavy on RAM these days. depends on the volume (number and
amount) of emails per day.

you can do alot to keep the volume down by dropping unknown recipients (see
the wiki for MTA how-to's) and also splitting the email into individual
recipient emails (again see the wiki).

I'd also suggest looking at the performance tuning sections of the wiki


On 22 April 2010 15:28, Neil Wilson <neilw at> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I need some advice please,
> What are your recommendations for hardware for a server that does Spam
> scanning with SA, Clamav scanning, running postfix under Centos 5.4 and logs
> in mysql and then forwards the emails on to an Exchange server for +-20000
> users?
> The emails theoretically have some basic spam scanning done before they get
> to the Linux server however there will still be a large amount of junk email
> to get rid of before passing it on to Exchange.
> There is currently a dual proc dual core Xeon server with 512MB of RAM
> running amavisd, clamd and postfix handling the email at the moment, but
> this is very outdated and lacking functionality so it needs to be upgraded
> asap.
> Would the current server handle the load with just a large RAM upgrade, EG:
> 4-8Gigs?
> Any advice will be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> Neil Wilson.
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