Thank You!

ajos1 at onion ajos1 at
Thu Apr 22 21:27:39 IST 2010


Thank you so much!!

The day I decide I need to sort out the Virus Checkers and try some of the patches... I see this lovely message!  Much time saved.

Thank you!

22/04/2010 New in Version 4.80.3-1
* New Features and Improvements *
1 Upgraded AVG support to AVG version 8. Support no longer guaranteed for
  older versions.
2 Installers no longer over-write in SpamAssassin directory
  if the file or link exists.
3 Added support for McAfee version 6. Use the virus scanner name "mcafee6"
  to get this support. Many thanks to Phil Randal and Michael Miller for
  all their hard work on this.

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