Move addresses from To to Bcc?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Thu Apr 22 08:31:18 IST 2010

Pete Russell wrote on Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:01:20 +1000:

> Would it make sense to have a test for more than x entries in the To: 
> field so move all of the addresses to Bcc: ?

Technically spoken, not "move to bcc", but: remove from to (or cc)! The 
bcc is not a header field, it does not exist. It's a notice to the client 
to send to all these addresses, but don't put them in any header 
destination field.

I "love" my relatives or friends put me in the cc, send me a joke or 
picture I do not want, anyway, and spread my private email address to lots 
of unknown people and thereby to the spammers. It's really hard to educate 

So, I think it makes sense to sanitize such mails. But this is not 
functionality built-in in MS.


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