Weird Archiving Need

Peter Farrow peter at
Thu Apr 22 08:19:05 IST 2010

On 22/04/2010 03:22, Rob Poe wrote:
> I have a client who gets email from a certain domain name (in this 
> case we'll call the sending domain  They want ** 
> ANY ** email that comes in from that domain to be forwarded to a 
> certain distribution group (in this case, they're using sendmail 
> aliases file to define the group).
> Could I set up the email archiving, then do a rule such as
> From:    sendmailalias
> FromOrTo: default
> Would that work out?
If you are using sendmail:

Install the sendmail milter sm-archive, this will allow you the branch 
the email to any subequent email address you like.

Alternatively, add the domain the the mailscanner's local-host-names in 

and add an entry in the virtusertable that says:            otheraddress at

once mailscanner has finished its stuff, it will then foward it to the 
"other address"



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