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2010/4/20 Bryan Guest <bryan.guest at>

> Hi:
> This is a follow up to a previous post about the resident size of
> MailScanner.
> I have added a new incoming MailScanner blade to my setup.  It's a Sun
> X2200 with 4Gb of RAM.  My previous two blades are Sun V20Z machines also
> with 4Gb of RAM.  All Machines are running Redhat ESv4
> I am running the latest Mailscanner and ClamAV-SA package on the new
> machine.  The resident size of MailScanner is 170Meg on the new machine.
> (It's 76M on the best running machine).
> I am interested in how I can pair down the resident memory size used by
> MailScanner or improve performance/reduce load average.
> My fundamental problem is that even though the two V20Z's are running the
> same older version of MS (4.56.8), one runs hotter (higher load average)
> then the other.  And the newer X2200 machine runs hotter still.
> IE:  the one V20Z is at load average 0.5.  The second is at 1.32.  The
> X2200 with the latest MS is at 3.57.  Note that these are in round-robin
> rotation behind an L4 switch.
> I have adjusted the number of processes as best I can to avoid swapping out
> based on the resident size of MS. But randomly it seems the load average
> will shoot up on the second V20Z or the X2200.  And by shoot up, I mean that
> it goes over 25 (~30-50 sometimes) and sendmail stops accepting mail.
> Can anyone assist me in shedding any light on why one blade of two
> identical boxes runs hotter, and why a newer machine running the latest
> MailScanner runs even higher.
> Alternately I would be supremely receptive to tips on how to bring down the
> load on these servers.  Note, I am running the log and spool partitions with
> noatime, and syslog with - on the logs.
> For clarification, we are not using SpamAssassin or the Bayes functionality
> on these blades.  We employ MailScanner strictly for policy enforcement and
> virus scanning and use an external spam filter.
> If I install a fresh Mailscanner install, and the ClamAV/SA package but
> halt the install before it compiles SA, will this reduced the resident size
> of MailScanner?
> All the best regards to everyone, and thanks in advance,
> Bryan
How do you use clamav? we use clamd and reduces a lot the memory usage of
mailscanner childs. (and its also faster)
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