Determining what modules MS is loading

Bryan Guest - Test Scarlett bryan.guest at
Fri Apr 16 19:32:35 IST 2010


I have to mail gateways (Sunfire V240 w 4Gb RAM) running MailScanner.

Both are running the same version (not the most recent) of Mailscanner and 
the ClamAV-Sa package.

Both are RHEL ES4, with the same package install and patch levels ( I 

On one, the resident RAM size of Mailscanner is 76M.  On the other, the 
resident RAM size of Mailscanner is 156M.

Can someone kindly assist me in determining what Perl modules or other 
libraries are being loaded by MailScanner so I can determine why there is 
such a large size discrepancy?

The second box was swapping itself off to death, because I was allowing too 
many child processes and using up more than available RAM.

Any information that can help me track down modules or functions that are 
loading different betweeen the boxes would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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