Auto reply to clean email for a certain domain?

Vincent Verhagen vincent at
Wed Apr 14 14:59:26 IST 2010

You're right. I'll try and convince the marketing guys and selectively 
defer mail for the domain under maintenance with a 450 or the like.
The other way would be to create a custom function with a sort of 
vacation responder, I guess. Wouldn't like to go there.

On 14-4-2010 15:10, Alex Neuman wrote:
> Not a good idea. A better idea would be to issue a 4xx temporary error at your MTA so that the sender can decide to queue it and notify the sender itself, or bounce it with your message so the sender knows that the message must be resent.
> If it were done the way you mention, someone could send 1,000,000 messages "from" Vincent Verhagen<vincent at>  and "to:" any one of your recipients, and you'd get 1,000,000 bounces saying "retry later".
> Worse yet, someone could set "from:" and "to:" the same user @ your servers and fill your hard drive with a "clean" message.
> On Apr 14, 2010, at 6:35 AM, Vincent Verhagen wrote:
>> Would it be possible (and if so, how?) to have MailScanner notify the sender of clean mail for a certain domain with a pre-defined message, saying that it has been received but will not be read for a while?
>> Thanks in advance!

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