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I really like the watermarking and find it useful and currently have it set to add 3 points to the SA score. I was wondering if there is an easy way to get it to appear as a SA rule rather than just adding to the score? It’s easier to explain if it is in a spam report than having to explain the SA score is 3 points high because of something you can’t see... 

I was thinking of a SA rule based on a header that is set if the message fails watermarking? Then I can turn off the rule in MS itself and just let SA mark the mail. 

Why would you wish to add 3 points to the score ? I thought that watermarking was to prevent backscatter plus the ability to bypass spam checks if the email originated from your server. Would you not wish to reduce the score by 3 points if the watermark was valid; unless I am missing something ? 

Thanks - Phil 
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