McAfee uvscan 6.0.0

Jameel Akari jakari at
Fri Apr 9 13:44:01 IST 2010

On Fri, 9 Apr 2010, Randal, Phil wrote:

> Mike,
> When I tested it, the Virusscan V6.0 commandline Linux scanner was so
> slow at startup to make it unusable in a MailScanner environment, IMHO.
> I believe others reported similar slowness.

Indeed, I tried it a few months ago, and between the speed (lack thereof) 
and the memory consumption, it's just about useless.  Like, 5-10x 
slower than the already pokey 5.x series.  Unless there's some 
magic combination of CPU and Linux libraries that make it at least on-par, 
it's probably not worth implementing at all.

So are there any other commercial AV engines that work especially well 
with MailScanner?

I've tried to use Trend since we have a site license, but the command-line 
scanner used in the MS scripts doesn't seem to be available anymore.  A 
call into Trend resulted in crickets chirping, and "Yeah we don't really 
do that... anymore..." as the eventual response.

Jameel Akari

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