CentOS perl issues

Alex Neuman van der Hans alex at rtpty.com
Thu Apr 8 11:48:43 IST 2010

I don't mean to be rude but no evidence has been provided to support your statements. 

One thing that might be happening might be that "clean" messages being stored might be whitelisted messages that really aren't "clean". 

But, again, no evidence of a "correct" configuration is provided, so assuming a "correct" configuration is not very helpful or productive on anyone's part either. 

I'm not defending or condoning Kai's tone, but simply trying to point out that saying "I believe my configuration is correct so the program is doing something wrong" might also be construed as abrasive, specially from the point of view of someone who might have contributed to the program. 

Imagine a teacher saying "I know I told your child how to do this correctly, but he randomly does crazy things". Without proper evidence of the instructions and purported behaviour, the human mind can easily construe it as an ad-hominem attack on the child (which it isn't) instead of a legitimate (albeit incompletely documented) observation. 

Please try using pastebin to provide samples of your configuration and samples of both "correctly stored", "correctly not stored", "incorrectly stored" and, if possible, "incorrectly not stored" messages so that by careful examination we might be able to shed some light on the situation. Reading http://bit.ly/howtogethelpwiththat will also save you - and the rest of the list members some time and energy. 


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