Stopping storage from "SpamAssassin Rule Actions"

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Mon Apr 5 19:55:35 IST 2010

on 3-11-2010 5:49 PM Michael Mansour spake the following:
> Hi Scott,
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>> Subject: Re: Stopping storage from "SpamAssassin Rule Actions"
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>> on 3-11-2010 12:58 PM Michael Mansour
>> spake the following:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have this rule in place:
>>> SpamAssassin Rule Actions =
>> SpamScore>18=>delete,not-deliver,forward highspam at
>>> but I still have those messages with SpamScore > 18
>> stored in MailWatch.
>>> What can I do via the "SpamAssassin Rule Actions"
>> setting to make sure those messages are not stored. I've
>> tried "not-store" and "delete" but they're still being
>> stored.
>>> Thanks.
>>> Michael.
>>> � � ���
>> But not-store is the proper word looking at mine.
>> I have;
>> SpamAssassin Rule Actions = SpamScore>25=>not-store
>> for messages with high scores to keep my quarantine
>> smaller.
>> They still log in mailwatch, but the release tab is gone
>> since the message is
>> not there
> I've changed mine back to not-store and will test again. When I had it like that before I still had the "release" button below and the message stored on the MX server, which is why I tried "delete" and it still did the same thing, so thought I'd ask on the list.
> I don't mind the message headers and information being stored in MailWatch, I'm just trying to avoid the storage of the (very highspam) mail on the mail servers after they've been analysed and reported.
> I quarantine all mail into MailWatch, clean, normal spam, high spam. I've got SA rules in place which bump up the SA score so high scoring spam is now _very_ high scoring spam, and that spam never has false positives so I don't want them stored.
> I'll report back later today to see if the "not-stored" option works this time.
> Thanks.
> Michael.
Digging in one of my systems, I see that this is not working for me either...
Started a new thread since this is a month old. And looking at other systems also.

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