RBL Configuration

Brendan Pirie bpirie at rma.edu
Thu Apr 1 14:03:20 IST 2010


"Spam List = "and "Spam Domain List = " are the MailScanner RBL 
settings.  Also be aware that default Spamassassin settings use multiple 
RBLs, so it may be there that you need to make changes.  An MTA can also 
be configured to query RBLs directly, without MailScanner or 
Spamassassin's involvement, but this is usually not the default.


On 4/1/2010 8:58 AM, Laskie, Norman wrote:
> Where in the MailScanner / Sendmail configuration could a particular RBL be configured?  We received a notification that we are heavily utilizing a particular list, but can find no evidence on our edge boxes of it being configured (besides in spam.lists.conf which based on the config file translates the names of the "Spam List" values to the real DNS names of the spam blacklists).
> Thanks,
> Norman

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