Changes to spam.blacklist.rules and spam.whitelist.rules

Christopher Fisk cfisk at
Wed Sep 30 21:19:19 IST 2009

>  Christopher Fisk wrote:
>  > Quick question on these.  If I change these files do I
>  need to
>  > restart MailScanner? 

>  You can do a "MailScanner reload" which rereads the
>  config w/o stopping the critter...

Can I do a 

killall -HUP MailScanner

Safely to force a reload?  I don't have an init script setup currently for these systems, and I'm trying to write a script to create the spam.blacklist.rules and spam.whitelist.rules list from a MySQL database.

I just tested it and it reloaded fine, but I want to make sure I'm not breaking anything.  It would only when I add or remove a whitelist or blacklist entry, a few times a week.

Christopher Fisk

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