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Wed Sep 30 00:51:25 IST 2009

on 9-29-2009 1:23 PM Jared spake the following:
> Greetings, MailScanner community,
> I have been using MailScanner with Postfix and ClamAV for several years
> now and it has been an extremely effective system for combating spam and
> malware for my users.  I have just refreshed our system to bring the
> relevant software up to a reasonable rev as well as putting it on much
> more capable hardware.
> Everything seems to be working with the exception of my virus scanning. 
> Here’s the situation:
> My ‘Incoming Work Dir’ is set to /tmp (as it’s in RAM rather than on
> disk for speed).  As mail comes in, I can see that a MailScanner child
> creates a subdirectory of /tmp with its PID, and then calls the ClamAV
> wrapper to scan that directory.  My expectation is that MailScanner
> decodes all MIME parts and decodes Base64 for the AV engine to troll and
> will leave them in that temporary directory.
> The problem is that the only file being written out into those
> directories is the message header – no other MIME parts (or even a
> plain-text part, for that matter) ever make it into the directory.  As a
> result, ClamAV is unable to detect infections because it will never see
> them. 
> I have confirmed that ClamAV is able to detect viruses (by using an
> EICAR test file) when run from the command line and/or the MailScanner
> wrapper script, and that Clam is only being “fed” files like
> /tmp/PID/MessageID.header
> Is there something that I’m missing in my install?  Do I have a
> fundamental misunderstanding of how MailScanner interacts with ClamAV
> via the wrapper?  I have tried running MailScanner in debug mode, but
> there’s really no useful information in there.
> Any guidance would be very much appreciated!


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