Whitelist Issue

Phil Udel Phil.Udel at SalemCorp.com
Thu Sep 24 14:14:39 IST 2009


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Phil Udel wrote:
> Neither the Domain or the  IP are in the Whitelist.  I should say that 
> this happens maybe once out of every 500 correct whitelisting's and it 
> seems to be the same Domains but different IP's.  I can make my WL 
> Available but not on a Open List.

>>As you are running MailWatch; what does it show under the 'From Address'
>.section and send me your whitelist off-list and I'll take a quick peek at
it to see if I can see anything obvious.

The From Address is From: soliditytj4 at researchtalk.com and the IP is
Thanks for the Help Steve.  What is your Email?

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