Examples of SpamAssassin Rule Actions

Michael Mansour micoots at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 09:08:50 IST 2009


I have a requirement to consider spam which scores under the high scoring spam threshold for an individual, to be consider that message high scoring spam.

I have looked at the "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" setting and there's examples of:

# You can also trigger actions on the spam score of the message. You can
# compare the spam score with a number and cause this to trigger an action.
# For example, instead of a SA_RULENAME you can specify
# SpamScore>number or SpamScore>=number or SpamScore==number or
# SpamScore<number or SpamScore<=number
# where "number" is the threshold value you are comparing it against.
# So you could have a rule/action pair that looks like
#                  SpamScore>25=>delete
# This would cause all messages with a total spam score of more than 25 to be
# deleted. You can use this to implement multiple levels of spam actions in
# addition to the normal spam actions and the high-scoring spam actions.
# Combining this with a ruleset makes it even more powerful, as different
# recipients and/or senders can have different sets of rules applied to them.

But no example of how to actually say:

"if SpamScore>9=>quarantine for To address of blah at blah.com"

Is there more details I can find anywhere on the wiki or anywhere else on how I can setup the above?



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