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> Hi Jeff
> That Script would be handy here for some of my clients.
> Cheers if you can get hold of it
> Kevin

Hi Kevin, is a zip file containing two
Python scripts.
One I would run regularly (hourly or daily) and the other (expunge) I
would run once a week or so to clean out the folder.
You may want to run these more/less often depending on how many spam you

You could also just use the one expunge script if you are happy to have
it delete the mail after each time it learns.
I liked to see how much mail was being put in there, so I did not
expunge every time.

Scripts will need edited to suit your environment.
Of course you will have to create a login for your exchange server that
has access to the public folder.
It's been a while since I used these scripts, so hopefully they run with
newer Python versions. They are very simple, so probably wouldn't take
much modifying to work anyway.


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