Whitelisting and clearing previous spam related headers

Garith Dugmore garith at saao.ac.za
Wed Sep 16 13:24:34 IST 2009

Hi All,

Is there a way to clear all spam related headers (specifically 
"X-Spam-Level") if an email is whitelisted?

I'm running MailScanner 4.66.5 and mailwatch with sql whitelists. Also 
have the following set (if it helps):

Is Definitely Not Spam = &SQLWhitelist
Always Include SpamAssassin Report = yes
Multiple Headers = replace

The problem I have currently is the email is whitelisted but 
"X-Spam-Level" is left intact (from another spam assassin enabled remote 
mail server) which makes my server side filter (sieve) think its spam 
and not a normal mail.

I've read Steve Freegard's email "Re: mailscanner whitelist 
(SQLWhitelist)" on the "05/05/2009 17:30" about the "Always Include 
SpamAssassin Report" setting but not sure this will solve my problem as 
I still want spam reports and also I don't know if this would actually 
clear the previous added "X-Spam-Level". Before I start making changes 
on a live system I thought I'd ask :)

Any pointers?
Garith Dugmore

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