forward all mail from one domain to a specific user at another domain.

Stephen Swaney steve at
Tue Sep 15 19:17:08 IST 2009

Lance Haig wrote:
> Hi,
> I am packing to move home so I have misplaced my MailScanner book and
> can't look this up.
> I would appreciate help.
> I have had a request from one of my users to have all the valid mail for
> one domain sent to a specific user at another domain.
> What would be the best way to achieve this.
> Regards
> Lance

Simple.  In MailScanner.conf, setup a ruleset for "Non Spam Actions = " 
which contains:

To:             address at         forward 
newaddress at
ToOrFrom:                  default                                 deliver

The default action should actually be whatever is the current value of 
Non Spam Actions = " .

And this solution assumes that you don't want to forward Spam or High Spam.

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