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Fri Sep 11 16:57:06 IST 2009

2009/9/11 Munteanu Alexandru <munteanu.alexandru at>
> Hi there,
>  I have just subscribe to this list and i hope you can help me with a problem with mailwatch, my mailscanner database its ok it has all tables and in table maillog every mail send and received by server.
>  In mailwatch web interface i cannot see those mails. I don't know if its about connection with data base couse some pages contain information.
> Please help me an tell me what to do where to look
> I have post pictures on please take a look
MailWatch has its own list, where you should subscribe and ask about it...
... But... If the db get filled, you should either look at turning
error reporting in, in your php.ini (at least temporarily), and also
have a look at both the "hidden comments" on the problem page (view
source...) and the apache logs (most specufucally the error log).
Anything useful there?

-- Glenn
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