multiple MailScanner gateways and single MailWatch?

Robert Lopez rlopezcnm at
Thu Sep 10 21:21:55 IST 2009

I did not want to hijack another thread.

I just read this in another thread :
---begin quote---
I run my MailScanner boxes as gateways as well, and store the mail for
a couple weeks.  I have a simple bash script that deletes anything
older than X days in the quarantine directories.  Your MTA doesn't
have to be involved w/flushing them.  They're just files on the hard

Regarding pushing individual messages through sa-learn, I use
MailWatch for MailScanner.  It is a nice web based interface for
managing and reporting the mail.  Easy to feed the messages to
spamassassin.  It keeps track of the messages in a mysql database, so
if you adopt it, you'll need to set the database cleanup time to match
the shell script.  That is, if you delete mail older than 30 days,
you'll want the database to also be cleaned of anything older than 30
days.  There's a MailWatch discussion list similar to this group where
you can get help installing and configuring it.

---end quote---

I have been wondering at looking at MailWatch after I get MailScanner
all tuned the way the community needs it.
I have two questions about using it.

I have three mail gateway systems running MailScanner, is it practical
to run a single instance of MailWatch on a different server already
running as a web server?

I have seen some documentation that suggests MailWatch expects
MailScanner+Exim. Is anyone successfully using MailWatch with

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