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Gavin Silver GSilver at
Wed Sep 9 20:23:39 IST 2009

My mailscanner stores no mail currently. it only relays for multiple domains. ( no /path/to/mail)

I would like to be able to push individual messages through sa-learn

I am also using mailwatch which is nice because i can view the message list and drill down on a message in particular and then mark is as ham/spam. Right now i am not giving that option unless the message is a virus because those are the only type of messages i store. everything else gets delivered dismarmed(if spam) and the subject altered (with spamscore if spam) 

I guess i could just add "store" to the operations list in addition to the deliver disarm rewrite etc and then figure out how to tell postfix to flush messages older thanx days, but i fear i am over simplifying the process.
Gavin Silver

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Gavin Silver wrote:
> using mailscanner as a mail relay I am unable to push individual
> messages manually through sa-learn
        I am a bit confused about your question. Are you saying that running
sa-learn --ham/spam /path/to/mail as the user mailscanner is running as
is not working?

> is there a known method for storing all messages but for only a set
> period of time ( a few days perhaps? )

        What are you trying to accomplish?

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> Gavin Silver

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