Notice to ruleset not being read - MS 4.78.15-1

Amelein at Amelein at
Tue Sep 8 12:36:24 IST 2009

Instead of parsing the rule file for the notice to: setting, it tries to literally send e-mail to the filename.
With MS 4.78.9-1 it gave me:
<%rules-dir@/> (expanded from <%rules-dir%/>):   bad address syntax
after updating to 4.78.15-1 it gave me:
</etc/mailscanner/rules/ at fqdn> (expanded from </etc/MailScanner/rules/>): unknown user:  /etc/mailscanner/rules/"
I have(/had) it set up so each domain has a different postmaster.
The system is FC11 which is fully patched, made it live a few hours ago.
Any suggestions on what I could have messed up or if its an actual problem with MS ?
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