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Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Sep 8 09:24:46 IST 2009

I basically like it. You've got 2 small problems
1) The "if [ reload ==1 ]; then" line should of course read "if [ 
"$reload" = "1" ]; then"
(i.e. you mean "=" for comparing strings (though == does appear to work, 
it's not documented in test(1)), and you missed the "$" off the front of 
$reload which is rather more critical! :-)
2) What happens if the downloaded file is bad and you haven't already 
got a backup of it?
I have solved that one by deleting the downloaded file in that case.

But otherwise, your code looks good.
I have attached my new copy of the script. Please let me know what you 

On 07/09/2009 20:31, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> I note the script at has
> been recently changed. The prior script contained
> /usr/bin/wget -N -O
> With my version of wget at least, the -N option was inneffective in
> preventing unnecessary retrieval of unchanged data because of the
> (unnecessary) -O option.
> This has apparently been recognized as the script was changed to do
> /usr/bin/wget -O
> instead, but it also always downloads the file and reloads MailScanner.
> I have changed the script somewhat differently, and with my changes,
> wget does not retrieve the file if it is unchanged, and only reloads
> MailScanner if it does change the file.
> Attached is a patch KAM_cf_sh.patch to convert the current
> script, and KAM_cf_sh
> is the converted script.


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