BAD FILENAME DETECTED: something.[common-extension].pdf

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Most likely user error. Well, not error exactly, but user generated.  There are any number of tools out there such as pdf995 or pdfCreator that will allow you to "print" a document to a pdf file.  (Openoffice will export to a .pdf w/o a "printer" driver.)  Makes it easy to share something in a universal format.

What happens is users name their document "MyImportStuff.doc" then print/export to pdf via some mechanism which takes the original document name and appends .pdf to the end.  Presto, it becomes MyImportStuff.doc.pdf, MailScanner steps on it, and Linux users the world over have a good chuckle at the foolishness of Microsoft for hiding file extensions by default, thus making social engineering exploits that much easier for the bad guys...

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In watching all the BAD FILENAME DETECTED emails MailScanner sends to Postmaster ( Doing a wonderful job! ) I have noticed a lot of files that have that last ".pdf" after ".doc", ".docx", ".xls", etc.

What is bothering me there are so many coming from US government agencies.

Is there any chance some applications used by government agencies actually produce files named like these?

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