Fun with my own spamassassin filter: slow reacting?

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The old score was being cached in MailScanner's spamassassin results



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	Trying to write a filter that would look for a header beginning
with a specific text and give me a score based on that. So, after
reading I edit
spam.assassin.prefs.conf and add the following:

header LOCAL_TEST Test-Header =~ /Strange Pork/ score LOCAL_TEST  -1.000

then reload MailScanner and send a test email with that header. I check
the header and it seems to have found the header and graded it as it

not spam, SpamAssassin (cached, score=1.694,	required 4.7,
BASE64_LENGTH_79_INF 1.50, BAYES_05 -1.11,	FH_HELO_ENDS_DOT 2.31,

So, just for the fun of it, I decrease the score to -3, reload
MailScanner, and send the test email. I am still getting -1 as the score
for LOCAL_TEST. I try restarting it and get the same results.

Today, I try it again, not having touched the mail server since that
last attempt. Now it properly reports the new score for LOCAL_TEST:

not spam, SpamAssassin (not cached, score=-0.306,	required 4.7,
BASE64_LENGTH_79_INF 1.50, BAYES_05 -1.11,	FH_HELO_ENDS_DOT 2.31,

Is it me who missed some step here or it is just slow to update itself?

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