Increase in spam

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Oct 29 23:52:16 GMT 2009

on 10-19-2009 7:21 AM Paul spake the following:
> Hi
> Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing a large increase in spam?
> Seems to be the "Notice of Underreported Income" spam, its being caught
> but just did some stats over the last couple of weeks, normally I get
> under 1000 of these per day, last weds/thurs I got about 30000 per day,
> then back to around 1000 for fri, sat and sunday, but today so far ive
> had over 10000
> I look after quite a few domains and its not targeted at one in particular.
> Just wondered if anyone else seeing similar?
> Paul
I brought this up a few weeks ago and got my head bit off!

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