Too much detail in Logwatch report

Mike Tremaine mgt at
Sun Oct 25 13:59:27 GMT 2009

> Hi,
> I've got a Centos 5.3 / NS 4.77.10-1 box running nicely but MailScanner
> portion of the nightly Logwatch reports are too detailed. How do I use
> the override.conf file to prevent Phishing Report and RBL check hits
> from being reported?
> Thanks,
> Stephen
More of logwatch question then a Mailscanner question but... The 
phishing report has a threshold variable so you can set it high or set 
it to 0 to supress. Sadly there was a bug in this so it was impossible 
to set to 0 in the conf file. This has been fixed and the default is now 
zero or off. You can grab just mailscanner service script here

As far as the RBL report that one needs a threshold and on/off switch 
but has not been coded. Feel free to hack the script the lines you are 
looking for are

if (keys %RBLType) {
   print "\nRBL Report: (Total Seen = $MailScan_RBL)\n";
   foreach $ThisOne (sort keys %RBLType) {
      print '    ' . $ThisOne . ': ' . $RBLType{$ThisOne} . " Time(s)\n";

either comment them out or stick "|| $RBL_switch == 1" and add my 
"$RBL_switch = 0;" at the top of the script and that should shut it off. 
You can direct more question like this to the logwatch list.



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