school targeted phishing getting past MailScanner and ScamNailer

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| >From what I see in the logs MailScanner and ScamNailer are stopping
| a
| LOT of email like these examples:
| Found phishing fraud from
| claiming to be
| in F1AB6660637.1911E
| Found phishing fraud from
| claiming to be
| www.playforfreewith500%%bonuscoupon&quot;gwgma&quot;
| in DB66D29B5.F13D9
| I am not sure if those are phishing or not. They are at least probably
| spam.
| Using :  grep "Found phishing fraud" maillog | grep -v "claiming to
| be"
| finds only 12 log entries whereas the "claiming to be" type are 20842
| since Monday morning.
| What is not being stopping is the email that threatens to remove the
| target's email account unless they send account name, birth date,
| student id, password, etc. to an email address.
| I am wondering if I should attempt to write Spamassassin rules to
| stop
| that kind of phishing.  Everything I think of would stop _this_ email
| if I assigned weight to the critical words used in that type of
| email.
| What other ways can MailScanner and ScamNailer be used to stop this
| kind of school targeted phishing which all too often is successful
| and
| leads to account compromises?
You could try this from John Hardin on the SpamAssassin list :-

It may require a few tweaks for your own setup.

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