Yum Upgrade on CentOS 5.3 failing On Perl

Alex Neuman alex at rtpty.com
Thu Oct 22 18:45:50 IST 2009

Could there be a "./install.sh uninstallperlstuff" then? I'd hate to  
be drunk^h^h^h^h^hslow that day and miss the chance to do the "control- 
z" thing.

 From said message:
In a recent version of MailScanner, do a "./install.sh --help".
After a few seconds it will print this:

Usage: ./install.sh [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...

    -h, --help            display this help and exit
    nodeps                ignore dependencies when installing  
    ignore-perl           ignore perl versions check
    fast                  do not wait for long during installation
    reinstall        force uninstallation of Perl modules before install
    nomodules             do not install required Perl modules

Note the "reinstall" option.
What you want to do is this.
      ./install.sh reinstall
Then it will uninstall the Perl modules, at which point you "Ctrl-Z" it,
run your "yum update" and let your system happily upgrade. Then "fg" to
bring the install.sh script back to the foreground and let it complete
the install.

Net result, a neatly upgraded system without having to fart around
manually uninstalling Perl module RPMs.

To give you an example, this is what you will see when you run
"./install.sh reinstall" after the usual introductory output:

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