spamc, spamd and spamassassin

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Thu Oct 22 09:17:56 IST 2009

On 10/15/09 17:39, Steve Freegard wrote:

> The implementation of the test is so flawed that it trips my own servers
> pipelining checks (e.g. it sends all the SMTP commands without waiting
> for a response - which is illegal if using SMTP (e.g. HELO vs EHLO):
> SMTP Welcome to smtpf #633 (l9EBY0201453145500)
> 220 Copyright 2006, 2009 by SnertSoft. All rights reserved.
> MAIL FROM:<webmaster-vir at>
> 250 Hello [] #256 (l9EBY0201453145500)
> RCPT TO:<steve.freegard at>
> 250 2.1.0 sender  accepted #283 (l9EBY0201453145500)
> 550-5.3.3 pipelining not allowed #643 (l9EBY0201453145500) White list
> via
> Sorry, an error occurred!

I must say the output shown does not look like a pipeline at first 
glance. It resembles a normal SMTP session but they have a problem with 
multiple line responses.

RFC 5321 indicates that the use of HELO is now deprecated. But even RFC 
821 specifies that multiline responses are allowed for each valid command.

Perhaps someone ought to print out those RFCs, roll them up real stiff 
and whack these guys over the head with it?


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