MailScanner: No programs allowed on MS word XP/2003

Amelein at Amelein at
Mon Oct 19 13:39:44 IST 2009

I am getting the occasional blocked Word document which MS marks as being an executable.
When I do file -i on it, it tells me: blah.doc: application/msword; charset=binary
In the maillog it tells me Filetype Checks: No executables
It does not do it on every .doc file but I cant seem to figure out what is causing it to mark the occasional .doc as executable.
The setup is a Fedora 11 machine with MS 4.78.17
the filetype.rules.conf containst the following:
deny    executable      No executables          No programs allowed
deny    ELF             No executables          No programs allowed
Any idea's where to look for this ?
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