OT clam files in /var/tmp

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Fri Oct 16 15:37:40 IST 2009

I updated my clamd the other day, and had my /var pertition fill up this 
morning with directories  named 
/var/tmp/clamav-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxx represents what 
appears to be a random signature). They each have a set of main.* files 
in them (main.db, main.fp, etc). I'm not sure why they are hanging 
around. I've looked at the .conf files for clamd, freshclam, and all the 
other files I could think of to verify any settings. I've changed the 
one in clamd.conf (LeaveTemporaryFiles no), but have found no other 
reference to files to this directory. They are not timestamped to any 
obvious repetitive task time.

Anyone familiar with this problem?


Steve Campbell

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