My solution for getting the spam.whitelist.rules and spam.blacklist.rules into a database

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Oct 14 17:08:54 IST 2009

Christopher Fisk wrote:
>>  Forgive me if i'm wrong, but doesn't mailwatch do this?
> Quite possibly!  Could have used that information previously though!
> =) 
> You have given me a product to take a look at though.

One thing to note, it's an either/or situation with rules in MailScanner or MailWatch.  If you use them in MailScanner, you don't get them in MailWatch and vice versa.  I don't use the MailWatch rules option because the MailScanner rules are more flexible.  At least for what I do.  But the MailWatch route may be just the thing for your needs.

Sorry to not have more details, but it's been ages since I looked at them one way or the other and I just don't remember the particulars...

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